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Specialty Replacement Lamps & Bulbs,
Hanna Instruments pH, Conductivity, ORP (Redux) and other Meters,
Hand-held Magnifiers & Microscopes,
Thickness Gages and other Measuring Instruments,
Graphic Arts / Copier Screens,
Anti-Moiré filters for Digital Cameras

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Specialty Lamps for ALL Applications

Equipment manufacturers don't make the lamps they sell, so why pay the high prices they and their industrial distributors charge?  Try our factory-spec replacements for all industrial and scientific applications, including printing, graphic arts, silkscreen, microscopes and illuminators, medical manufacturing, optical comparators, printed circuitboard(PCB)manufacturing and CD replication, medical and scientific equipment.

We also supply a full range of lamps for ultraviolet (UV) curing conveyors and digital presses, tunnels, chambers and spot curing guns, and infrared (IR)/flash drying/heating, germicidal UV, fadeometers, aquariums, LCD projectors and even metal halide general illumination lamps and ballasts for factories and warehouses.

Lamp types include metal halide, mercury vapor, pulsed xenon, quartz halogen, incandescent, ultraviolet (UV) curing, mercury capillary, short arc mercury and xenon, germicidal, fluorescents and infrared (IR).

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For printers, graphic artists, silkscreeners, PCB/CD manufacturers, quality control/inspection, coin, stamp & antique collectors, jewelers, geologists, forensics specialists, entomologists, naturalists, conservators and others.   Selection includes folding inspection magnifiers, linen testers, stripper's magnifiers, jeweler's loupes, measuring magnifiers, and the revolutionary new LensMaster color viewer and surface inspector.

Check out these two new items:

LM-10/UV : 10X LED Illuminated Magnifier- Now With UV Light Source
This handy, inexpensive magnifier is equipped with a powerful, flat-field 10X lens (25mm diameter) and built-in illumination from one bright-white LED and one UV LED lamp.

LED-5:  5X LED Illuminated Metal Linen Tester
This is a heavy-duty metal linen tester with a high quality single glass lens that provides 5X magnification.

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Pocket and Portable Microscopes

Our microscopes are small and easily moved to where they are needed, available from 25X to 200X.  The smallest are the pen microscopes, literally the size of a ballpoint pen, in 25X, 50X and 100X. If you need illumination, we have two styles, both with LED light, powered by AA batteries.

Peak Stand Microscopes are the high end of the line, in powers up to 200X for use by printers, PCB manufacturers and anyone who needs high-power and sharp magnification.

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Measuring Instruments for Thickness, Hardness, Lines/Inch and Stainless Steel Rulers

Digital and analog thickness gages measure paper, plastics, wood, metal, and other solid materials.

Digital micrometers (mechanical and electronic versions) have visual readouts for ease of use and ratchet mechanisms to measure compressible materials.

The Truetest Durometer checks the hardness of compressible materials, including printing-press rollers and silkscreen squeegees.

Screen finders/mesh counters determine the lines or threads per inch in any regular repeating pattern up to 250/inch.

Stainless steel line gages with scales in inches, picas, metric and points.

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Anti-Moiré/Anti-Aliasing Filters for Electronic Cameras

These brand-new optical filters are used in front of the lens by digital photographers to eliminate pattern moiré and aliasing ("Christmas Tree light" effect) when making the shot, so there is no need for electronic re-touching.

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