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Standard Metal Halide Lamps

We feature lamps from Venture Lighting products, the world leader in metal halide technology and the only supplier that focuses entirely on this product line.  For additional information and specifications, please visit

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 Description Part no. ANSI  Philips  Osram/Sylvania  GE
 MH 175W/U 88791 M57  MH175/U  M175/U  MVR175/U
 MH 175W/U/MED 15556 M57  MH175/U/M  M175/U/MED  MVR175/U/MED
 MH 250W/U 63052 M58  MH250/U  M250/U  MVR250/U
 MH 400W/U 18520 M59  MH400/U  M400/U  MVR400/U
 MH 1000W/U 72051 M47  MH1000/U  M1000/U  MVR1000/U

NOTES: U = Universal burn position / MED = Medium screw base (like a standard household incandescent)

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