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Specialty lamps for all industrial and scientific applications, including ultraviolet (UV) curing, flash infrared (IR) heating and drying, graphic arts exposure and printing, silkscreen printing (digital and conventional), microscope illumination, optical comparators, medical device manufacturing, printed-circuit (PCB) fabrication, scientific, medical, testing and inspection equipment, CD printing & replication and germicidal (UVC).  We always meet or exceed original specifications, while saving you money.  Plus you get:

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Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Lamps

UV curing is widely used in silkscreen, flexo, offset, CD/DVD printing and replication, medical manufacturing, bottle/cup decorating and converting/coating applications, in both digital and conventional presses.  We supply lamps for all makes and models of flatbed printers, UV ovens, conveyors and chambers and guns, in arc lengths up to 146 inches, with standard mercury doping, as well as iron and gallium.  Fusion-style electrodeless lamps available too!  Call with your special needs and problems:  We thrive on challenges!  If you don't know what lamp you have, we can duplicate any lamp from your working sample.  Just give us a call!

Please note, we supply just the lamps, not the equipment to operate them.  UV lamps require sophisticated ballasts and control equipment, so we don't recommend trying to build your own equipment.

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Infrared (IR) / Flash Drying Lamps / Quartz Heater Elements

Short and medium wave lamps (including twin tube with gold reflectors) are used to dry ink on graphic arts and silkscreen presses when printing on paper, textiles and other surfaces, as well as for drying paint, heating food, adhesive bonding, woodworking, blow-molding, and plastic injection molding in equipment by Anatol, Heidelberg, Fostoria, Grafix, Eltosch, Holman-Star, Pillar, Mark Andy, ESS, Airtech, M&R, Merco, Prime Heat, Pierry, Sidel, Vulcan and others.  They can even help raise livestock and relieve pain in your joints.

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Lamps for Flexo / Narrow Web Printing of Labels, Decals and Packaging

Ultraviolet curing of inks and coatings is widely used in flexographic and letterpress printing of labels, decals, and flexible packaging, as well as off-line for curing of coatings. In addition to standard linear arc lamps, we supply microwave excited and mercury capillary lamps. UV lamps are also used to expose photopolymer and other printing plates. Infrared (IR) lamps are used on press to dry ink by heat, rather than cure the ink.

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Platemaking / Screen Printing / PCB  Exposure Lamps

Conventional graphic arts platemakers (including flip-tops and overheads), screen exposure systems and vacuum frames all use specially designed lamps to emit the correct wavelength of light for proper exposure of photo sensitive emulsions.  Graphic arts cameras, photolithography, soldermask, and other equipment also use specially designed lamps.  We supply original specification lamps for maximum productivity, without the OEM price.   Call for details on other lamp types.

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Do you use no-process or photopolymer-exposure plates?
Click here read important technical information for optimal exposure of these plates!

Germicidal UV

Germicidal lamps emit UV light around 254 nanometers for use in air and water purification, wastewater treatment (we supply both the lamps and the quartz sleeves for Trojan and other systems), food processing, pharmaceutical production, sterilization, disinfection, dermatology, clean room and other applications. Most germicidal lamps are fluorescent types and come in both ozone-free and ozone-producing versions . 

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Microscope / Scientific / Metrology / Medical Lamps

We supply lamps for optical comparators, microscopes, dental, optic, ophthalmic, medical and scientific applications, even for old and out-of-date equipment.

Check our terrific prices on fluorescent ring lamps used in microscope illuminators by Stocker & Yale, MicroLite, Meiji, Olympus, Scienscope, Aristogrid and others. 

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Circular Fluorescent Lamps

We supply circular fluorescent bulbs for desktop lamps, magnifying lamps, makeup mirrors and other applications. They are provided in a variety of sizes and characteristics to be 100% compatible with the OEM lamps, but at more favorable prices. In some cases the OEM is no longer in business, so these replacements prevent the need to replace the entire fixture.

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Metal Halide (HID- High Intensity discharge) Lamps for Overhead Lighting

We offer the complete line of Venture Lighting Lamps, both standard and pulse-start, for all overhead lighting applications.  Click below to read the advantages of HID lighting or to gain access to our special case-pricing on lamps and ballasts.

For quotes on the lamps you use, click the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page to send us an e-mail, or call toll-free: (800)-222-0325 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday - Friday (Eastern Standard Time).