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Caprock brand Compatible Flash IR Replacement Lamps for Workhorse Quartz Element

We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement infrared IR flash lamps and elements for all Workhorse quartz flash dryers, including Flashback, Blue Falcon, Powerhouse and their conveyor dryers.  There are three common types of quartz IR heater elements used in Workhorse dryers:
1. Medium wave element, with a metal overcap and a ring at the ends
2. Medium wave element with round ceramic end and a threaded stud
3. Spring mounted short wave lamp.

We also supply Caprock brand compatible replacement lamps for all Workhorse screen exposure systems.

Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Flash Elements (Lamps)

Workhorse Medium Wave

Standard medium wave elements typically measure one-half inch in diameter.  Unlike quartz halogen lamps, these are not sealed at the ends- the filament is attached to the caps to hold them on. A ring protrudes from the end of the lamp and is used for mounting, or a threaded stud is used for mounting.

Workhorse Medium Wave

Short Wave Infrared (IR) Flash Lamps

Workhorse Medium Wave

Standard short wave lamps have a ceramic fitting with wire leads and typically are 3/8 inches in diameter.

We supply Caprock brand compatible IR lamps for these common Workhorse part numbers:
E-0976E-0976RE0976RE-0976VE0976V • E-0977 • E-0977R • E0977R • E-0977V • E0977V • E-0039 • E-0040 • E-0041 • 10-22012 • 10-22013 • 34-20913 • 34-20932R • 34-20951 • 34-20953 • 34-20955 • 34-20957 • 34-20958 • 34-2097034-20970R34-2097134-20971R

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