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Caprock brand compatible replacement UV curing lamp for Ultra Optics 1063UO

Our Caprock brand compatible replacement UV curing lamp for all Ultra Optics UV curing systems. Ultra Optics makes backside coating systems for UV curing of scratch resistent and other coatings on lenses.  There are two common styles of Ultra Optics lamps:  The "U" shaped lamp, where the ends of the lamp are bent to a 90 degree angle from the body of the lamp and a linear lamp with a flat, pressed seal on the end of the lamp, where the wires exit from the side of the fitting.  Note, we supply just the lamp, not the entire UV module.

Common model numbers include CD/Ultra OTB • CD/M/R III • CD/MRIII • CD/MR III • CDUltra RX.

Caprock brand compatible replacement Ultra Optics UV Curing Lamps for Lens Coating

Ultra Optics UV Lamp

Ultra Optics UV Lamp

Common part numbers include:
CD/1063UO • CD/1063 UO • CD/LC025 • CD/LC-025 • CD/LC025-PS • CD/LC-025-PS • CD/1467 • CD/DLA-UV-ULT • CD/DLA ULT 39-025 • CD/LUB3001 • CD/UVPSULT 39-025

Click to order the Ultra Optics 1063UO with straight ends for $170 plus shipping addtocart

Click to order the Caprock brand CD/1063UO with U-Shaaddtocartped ends for $190 plus shipping