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Infrared (IR) Lamps for Sidel PET Blowmolding Machines

We supply replacement infrared (IR) lamps for all Sidel PET blowmolding and plastic-forming machines, including the SBO series, Synergy and Ahura.

Sidel PET Blowmolding IR Lamps

ESS/Accutron IR

The most common types of quartz IR lamps used in Sidel machines have rectangular ceramic block fittings, with wire leads.  The lamps are 3/8 inches in diameter, have an external white reflector, and are supplied in a variety of different voltage/wattage combinations.

NOTE: different lamp manufactureres specifiy slightly different voltages. For example, lamps rated 230, 235 and 240 volts are all 100% compatible. Likewise, some lamps are supplied with slightly different specs for the overall length, such as 354, 355, and 357mm versions.

These are the most common replacement lamps for Sidel equipment. Call or write for information on any other lamps you use.

Voltage Wattage Size (mm) Philips Number OEM Reference
235V 1,000W 355mm 13713Z/98 64241052
235V 1,000W 355mm 13195Z/98 64241052
230V 1,500W 354mm 64231557
230V 1,500W 626mm 64231556
230V 1,500W 354mm 64231550
235V 2,000W 357mm 13213Z/98 54242053
235V 2,000W 357mm 14103Z/98 54242053
235V 2,000W 357mm 13168Z/98 54242053
240V 2,000W 357mm 14103Z/98 64242056
235V 2,500W 357mm 14137Z/98 64242550
400V 2,500W 380mm 14106Z/98 64402555
400V 3,000W 380mm 14111Z/98 64403055

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