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This is a brand-new lamp that replaces the HAAG-STREIT 900-930 (900930). It is used medical equipment by Haag-Streit and others.

Watts 27W
Volts 6V
Base E14 screw w/ flange
Ordering Code 900-930
Price (Each) $19.00

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The Haag-Streit 900-930 lamp is used in the following and other equipment models:

• Burton 800 Slit Lamp, 850 Slit Lamp, 1000 Slit Lamp L1000
• Haag Streit Slit Lamp 350, 900BQ, BM, BQ, BM900, BMV, BP, BQ900, BX, LO
• Marco Slit Lamp IIB (2B), IIB Photo, IIB-R, IIBBR, IBPHOTO, III, V, VG, VG Photo, V-Photo, VPHOTO, VR
• Mentor Slit LampG10, GH12, SH12, S10 (bulb part # 22-4003)
• Topcon Slit Lamp SL-3D, SL3D, SL3E, SL-5D, SL5D, SL-6E, SL6E