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Floxite #T5-22W 22 watt Replacement lamp- 7.25 inch diameter

This is a brand-new replacement bulb used in magnifying lamps and mirrors by Floxite. The lamp is a T5 design, so the tube is 5/8 inch in diameter. The outside diameter of the lamp is 7.25 inches.

The connector has four brass pins arranged in a square, facing inside the bulb. The 6500 degree color temperature simulates bright daylight illumination.

The elctronics used to start these lamps are often short-lived, so we test 100% of these lamps before shipping to make sure you will get a properly operating lamp.

OEM number #T5-22W
Outside daimeter 7.25 inches
Tubing diameter T5 (5/8 inch)
Watts 22W
Color temperature 6500°K
Base G10Q (4 pins facing inside)
Ordering Code #T5-22W
Price (Each) $19.99
The Floxite #T5-22W is used in the following (and other) models:

• Floxite Illuminated 12X Mirror, model # FL-612
• Floxite Illuminated 7X Mirror, model # 7233-7
• Floxite Fluorescent Lighted Cosmetic 8X/1X Magnification Mirror, model # 7085-8
• Floxite Deluxe Lighted 8X/1X Magnification Mirror, model # 7087-8
• Floxite Fluorescent Lighted Cosmetic 8X/1X Bronze Magnification Mirror, model # 7090-8
• Illuminating Fluorescent 8X Magnification Mirror, model # FL-8DS
• Illuminating Fluorescent 10X Magnification Mirror, model # FL-10DS

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