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Stocker & Yale 973-365/LX 973-365LX Ring Lamp
Also known as FC72 T5/BLB/BP • FC72 T4/BLB • LF-7202 • TQ-BTL

33V 10.9W microscope ring lamp

This lamp is used in microscope illuminators by Stocker & Yale, O. C. White, Techniquip, Lite-Mite, Bausch & Lomb, Teklight and others.  It emits ultraviolet light (blacklight) at 365 nanometers (nm). The purple color of the glass filters out visible light.  The lamp two pins on each end,  and is about 3 inches in diameter. Thanks to the plastic base that bridges the two legs, this lamp represents an improvement over the original OEM design, while retaining 100% compatibility. The OEM is no longer in business, so the original lamp is no longer available.

Commonly used in these models:
Lite-Mite • OC White 16517 • Stocker & Yale • Stocker Yale • Techniquip Fluorescent Ring Illuminator

Watts 10.9
Volts 33V
Base G5
Ordering Code CD/973-365/LX
Price (Each) $98.00

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