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Caprock brand compatible Infrared

IR replacement lams for Prime Heat

We supply Caprock brand compatible IR replacement lamps for all Prime Heat HalCon infrared (IR) tunnels.  They use both short and medium wave quartz lamps.

Short Wave Halogen Infrared (IR) Lamps

Prime Heat Short Wave

The older style lamps are standard quartz-halogen lamps that run 220 volts and 1850 watts and are made from translucent (frosted) tubing.  They have R7S ceramic fittings, so the lamps can be spring-mounted in the machine. 

The newer lamps are rated at 220 volts and 1800 watts, and are made with clear tubing. They have ceramic end caps and wire leads.  The ends fit through bushings and the electrical connection is made using the wire leads.

Caprock brand compatible IR replacement lamps are available for these two part numbers:
QIH220-1850T/E • 91455

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