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Caprock brand compatible infrared IR replacement lamps for Pierry

We Caprock brand compatible supply short wave and medium wave lamps for all Pierry infrared (IR) dryers. 

Short Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Pierry/Accutron IR

There are two common types of short wave IR lamps used in Pierry   dryers.  They have rectangular ceramic block fittings, with wire leads.  The lamps are 3/8 inches in diameter and have an external white reflector.  Both are rated at 235 - 240 volts.

We supply Caprock brand compatible IR replacement lamps for these and other part numbers:
20-1004 • 20-1007B • QIH 2K 240 (2,000 watts) • 50296 • QIH 1K 240 (1,000 watts)

Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Pierry Medium Wave Lamp

Standard medium wave lamps with an R7S fitting and a metal overcap.  Lamps typically measure one-half inch in diameter.

We supply Caprock brand compatible IR lamps for these common part numbers:
50027 • 50045 •50257 • 50296 • 50534

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