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Philips UV Exposure Lamps

We supply replacements for all Philips lamps, typically used inflexographic platemakers by BASF and others. These look like normal fluorescent lamps, with two pins on each end and a 1.5 inch diameter. The lamps have a reflector coating covering one half of the inside diameter, which shows as a whiter color on the lower half of the lamp.

Philips UV Exposure Lamps

Philips Lamp

Common part numbers include:
TL-K 40W/10R • TLK40W/10R • TLK 40W/10R • TLK40W10R • TL40W/03RS • TL60W/10R • TL60W10R • TL 60W/10R • TL80W/10R • TL80W10R • TL 80W/10R • TL100W/10R • TL100W10R • TL-K 40W Actinic BL • TL40W Actinic BL • TLK 40W Actinic BL

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LET Extreme High Def (XHD) UV Exposure Lamps

In addition to the Philips expsoure lamps, we also supply "Extreme High Def" (XHD) versions of the TLK40W/10R, TL60W/10R, TL80W/10R, and TL100W/10R lamps, made by LET. These lamps are physically and electrically the same as the Philips lamps, so they can be changed without any changes to your exposure unit.  They offer approximately 20% more UVA light to reduce exposure times.  Call or email for more information.