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150 watt pulse-start metal halide lamp
with UV Shield® Technology

  • Meets new 2005 National Electric Code

  • No luminaire lens required, delivering more light

  • Can be operated continuously with no shut-off

  • Blocks more UV than any other metal halide lamp

  • Meets ANSI criteria for use in open luminaires

OEM Part number MP150W/U/UVS/PS
Watts  150
Average Life (Hours) 15,000**
Initial Lumens 13,300**
Base Type Medium Screw
Finish Clear
CRI 65
Ballast M102/O
Case Quantity 12
Ordering Code 22455
Price Per Lamp $45.00*

*  This price is for a full case only.
** When burned vertically             

We feature lamps from Venture Lighting International, the only manufacturer that specializes in metal halide lighting.  For prices on OEM-branded lamps (GE, Philips, or Osram), please call or email.
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