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Caprock brand compatible infrared (IR) lamps for Infratech

Infratech makes infrared equipment for automotive and industrial curing, paint drying, patio heating and other applications. We supply Carprock brand compatible replacement elements (lamps) for all Infratech infrared (IR) dryers. 

Caprock brand compatible infrared replacement lamps for Infratech Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Infratech Medium Wave

Typical Infratech lamps are standard medium wave lamps with a round ceramic fitting and a threaded stud. They are made from 5/8 inch diamter tubing and are usually translucent, rather.  Unlike quartz halogen lamps, these lamps do not have a flat pinch seal at the ends.

Caprtock brand compatible replacement lamps are available for these common part numbers:
10-1040 • 10-1050 • 10-1055 • 10-1065 • 10-1070 • 10-1080 • 10-1085 • 10-1090 • 10-1095 • 10-2000 • 10-3015 • 10-3025 • 10-3065

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