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Industrias Derjor Lamps

Industrias Derjor is a Colombian company that makes equipment for UV curing and film, screen, and plate exposure for the graphic arts and screenprinting industries.

UV Curing Lamps for Industrias Derjor

Derjor UV Lamp

Common part numbers include:
AM-920X • AM920X • AM920 • AM-920X 40CM • AM-920X 52CM • AM-920X 56CM • AM-920X 80CM

Exposure Lamps for Industrias Derjor

Common part numbers include:
CDL-1250 • CDL1250 • L-1250 • CD/HT-28 • CD/HT28 • HT-28 • MHL-13 • MHL13 • HPM-13 • HPM13

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