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Vulcan-Hart Quartz Heating Elements

We supply replacement Quartz heater elements (lamps) for all Vulcan-Hart food service equipment, including their food heaters, warmers and cheesemelters 1036 • 1036C • 1036P • 1036PT • 1036W • V1036 • 1048 • 1048C • 1048P • 1048PT • 1048W • V1048.

Vulcan Lamp

Many of these quartz Heating Elements have snap-in ceramic caps. Call or email for pricing and availability.

Common part numbers include:
825300825331 • 825538 • 825536 • 2533100 • 00-825300

Sockets for Vulcan-Hart R7S (Snap-in) Quartz Heating Elements

When replacing lamps it's a good idea to check the sockets.  Arcing can cause pitting and poor electrical contact and the high temperatures at which these lamps operate can cause the ceramic components to crack.  These problems can shorten lamp life and cause premature lamp failure. 

We supply the replacement sockets for Vulcan-Hart machines under these numbers:
2509800 • 30001• 825098
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M&R 1007101A Socket