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Holman / Star Quartz Heater Element HO-197845

This quartz heater element maintains 100% compatibility with Holman / Star part number 197845, but sells for a much lower price.

The lamps are wired in series (two lamps are jumpered together at one end), so each lamp runs at 104 volts and the pair of lamps runs at 208V. Two lamps will go out at a time, even if just one is no good.

Holman / Star 197845
Length 16-1/4 inches)
Diameter 1/2 inch
Voltage 104V
Wattage 800W
End Fitting Ceramic w/ wire leads
Ordering Code 197845
Price (Each) $28.00

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The 197845 is used in the following (and other) equipment models:

-Oven models:
• 214 • 214C • 214H • 214HC • 214HX • 214X • TT900H • TT960

-Conveyor/Toaster models:
• QCS-3-1000 • QCS-3-950H • QCS2 • QCSe-3-1000 • QCSe-3-950H • RCS-3-1000 • RCS-3-950 • TT900H • TT960