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Honeywell Germicidal UV Lamps

We supply replacement germicidal UV lamps for all Honeywell air treatment systems, including those listed below.

3.5 watt:

18 watt:

RUVBULB1/C (with keyed base)
UC100E1006 • UV100A1000 • UV100A1005 • UV100E1043

24 watt:

UV2400U5000 • UV2400U1000 • UV2400

36 watt:

UC36W1006 (with keyed base)
UC36W1006 (with standard base)
UC100A • UC100A1013 • UV100A1018 • UC100A1054 • UV100A1059 • UV100A2008 • UC100A2009 • UC100E1014 • UC100E1030 • UC100E1035 • UV100E2009 • UV100E • UV100E3

Honeywell's Air Treatment Systems zap mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria passing by the lamp to prevent them from being re-circulated into your home's air. The same type of system is used in hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens to kill up to 70% of certain mold spores and airborne bacteria.

This is a single replacement UV bulb with no handle. If your system has the new SnapLamp Knob, you only need to replace the bulb with this one. Honeywell suggests replacing the lamp every twelve months, to make sure your system is operating properly.

Germicidal UV Lamps for Honeywell UV Equipment

Honeywell UV Lamp

Common part numbers include:
GTL-3 •GTL3 • RUVBULB1 • UC18W1004 • UV2400XLAM1 • UV36W1006 • 05-0002A • 05-0680 • 05-0681 • 100476735

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