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Caprock brand compatible G36T5L/4- G36 T5L/4P 4 Pin Germicidal UV-C Lamp

This Caprock brand lamp is 100% compatible with OEM lamps selling at much higher prices. It measures about 843mm (33.2 inches), excluding the four pins on one end the end of the lamp. Its peak output is at 254nm (UV-C) for use in water purification and sterilization systems. The rated useful life is 10,000 hours and is designed to run at 39 watts.

Length 843mm (33.2 inches)
Diameter 5/8 inch (T5)
Peak Output 254nm
Ozone Low
Base 4 Pins One End
Ordering Code CD/G36 T5L/4P
Price (Each) $32.00

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Caprock brand G36T5L/4- G36 T5L/4P 4 Pin is compatible with the following (and other) equipment models:

• American Ultraviolet GML100, MRS3684P, TTG-36-4P
• Aqua Azul I-20, I-35, I-5, IJ-15, L-1-803
• Delta Ultraviolet 70-18340, EA-40, EA/Pond Master Model 40
• Eiko G36T5L/4P
• Emperor Aquatics 20040, 40 Watt Smart UV, FL-1957-IP
• Fisher & Porter 690B021U02
• Fisher 443U575U02
• General Electric 73447, 29503
• Glasco 1308, 8030
• Ideal Horizons 42019
• Life Flo 12 GPM, 6 GPM
• Philips Lighting 362095 TUV 36T54PSE
• Pureflow Ultraviolet G36-3084-4P
• Siemens LP4050, SBH-15
• Sunlight LP4050, SBH-15
• Tipton Environmental LP4050
• Ultra Dynamics 1500, 6000-2, 7001-803, 8030, 8030UD, DW15, S15, S30, UD-3, UDS-12, UDS-4, UDS-6, UDS-8
• WaterTec LS36T5L, UV12AS