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Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Conditioner Replacement UV-C Bulb

This is a brand-new Ushio brand germicidal lamp used in the Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dehumidifier. It produces UV-C light at 254nm to kill or deactivate bacteria and other micro-organisms, and is the same Ushio brand lamp supplied by the OEM. The rated useful life is 6,000 hours and is designed to run at 4.5 watts.

Length 134.5mm (5.7 inches)
Diameter 5/8 inch (T5)
Peak Output 254nm
Ozone Low
Base 2 Pin (double end)
Ordering Code Dry&Store
Price (Each) $9.00

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The Dry&Store lamp is used in the following equipment models:

• Global II