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Aquafine 3084 / 3084LM Germicidal UV-C Lamp

This is a brand-new germicidal lamp that is 100% compatible with Aquafine part numbers 3084 and 3084LM. It measures 843mm (about 33 inches) excluding the single pin on the end of the lamp. Its peak output is at 254nm (UV-C) for use in water purification and sterilization systems. The rated useful life is 10,000 hours. Although nominally rated at 39 watts, some systems will overdrive the lamp for higher output at the expense of a shorter life.

Length 843mm (33.2 inches)
Diameter 5/8 inch (T5)
Peak Output 254nm
Ozone Low
Base Single Pin each end
Ordering Code 3084
Price (Each) $30.00

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The 3084 - 3084LM is used in the following (and other) equipment models:

• Aquafine CSL-8R
• Aquafine CSL-10R
• Aquafine CSL series
• Aquafine DW-8
• Aquafine DW-400
• Aquafine DW400
• Aquafine DWS-12
• Aquafine DWS12
• Aquafine DWS-15
• Aquafine DWS15
• Aquafine DWS-24
• Aquafine DWS24
• Aquafine DWS series
• Aquafine MP-2-SL
• Aquafine MP2SL
• Aquafine PV-CL-1
• Aquafine RBE series
• Aquafine SL-1