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ATS4-463 Replacement Germicidal UV-C Lamp for Aqua Treament Systems (ATS)

This lamp is 100% compatible with OEM lamps selling at much higher prices. It measures 463mm (about 18.25 inches) excluding the 4 pins on the end of the lamp. Its peak output is at 254nm (UV-C) for use in water purification and sterilization systems. The rated useful life is 10,000 hours.

Length 463mm (18.25 inches)
Diameter 5/8 inch (T5)
Peak Output 254nm
Ozone Low
Base 4 Pin (single end)
Ordering Code ATS4-463
Price (Each) $32.00

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The ATS4-463 is used in the following (and other) equipment models:

• ATS (Aqua Treatment Service) ATS4-463