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M&R / nuArc NP-80 / NP80 Lamp

NP-80 / NP80

The NP-80 / NP80 is a 800* watt metal halide diazo exposure lamp used in platemaking and screen-making equipment by M&R / nuArc, sometimes referred to as NP-4 / NP4 or NP-84 / NP84.  The lamp is normally in stock for immediate delivery under our part number CD/NP-80 or CD/NP80.  Price:  $125.

Model numbers that use this lamp include:
26-1KS • 26-1KSP • 32-1KS • 32-1KSP • 40-1KS • 40-1KSP • 261KS • 261KSP • 321KS • 321KSP • 401KS • 401KSP • FT26MH • MSP-2125T • NL22-8C

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*NOTE: Originally, M&R / nuArc described this lamp as 1,000 watts, but since the actual output is 800 watts, they have updated their specification. There is no lamp that will produce a higher watage in this machine.