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Caprock Brand Compatible Replacement for the nuArc HE-15 / HE15 Lamp

HE-15 / HE15

Our CD/HE-15 / HE15 is a three coil 1,500 watt pulsed xenon exposure lamp used in platemaking and screen-making equipment by nuArc and is also known as PXA-56 / PXA56 UPX-56 / UPX56 and VE-677 / VE677. The lamp is similar to the CN-42, but smaller and is normally in stock for immediate delivery under our part number CD/HE-15.  Price:  $275.

Model numbers that use this lamp include:
FT18L • FT18L-1 • FT18L-2 • N1500 • N1500-1 • N1500-2

(Call for pricing on the nuArc-brand CN-42)

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