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Caprock brand compatible replacment UV curing lamps for Delle Vedove / DV Systems / Cefla

The Delle Vedove division of Cefla finishing group is know in the United States as DV Systems.  DV Systems manufactures a line of finishing plants for profiles and panel edges.  We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement lamps for all Delle Vedove / DV Systems UV curing systems, including: CCS, CRS, CVS. CVX, UV-X as well as the infrared (IR) lamps for the CVR

Caprock brand compatible UV Curing Lamps for Delle Vedove / DV Systems / Cefla

Caprock brand compatible lamps are available for these common part numbers include:
9-52D011-000 • 9-52D013-000 • 9-52D016-000 • 9-52D018-000 • 9-52D019-000 • 952D011000 • 952D013000 • 952D016000 • 952D018000 • 952D019000 • 952D011 • 952D013 • 952D016 • 952D018 • 952D019

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