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Comco Infrared (IR) Lamps

We supply replacement lamps for all Comco infrared (IR) dryers.  The most common type of quartz IR lamps used in Comco flexographic presses is a medium wave lamp, with a ceramic cap and a threaded stud.

Comco Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Comco Medium Wave

Standard medium wave lamps have a ceramic fitting, and typically measure one-half inch in diameter.  Unlike quartz halogen lamps, these are not sealed at the ends- the filament is attached to the caps to hold them on.

Common part numbers include:
LM-2018 • LM2018 • LM-2019 • LM2019 • LM-2021 • LM2021 • CCQ682-24 • CQG-602275-22

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