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Caprock Brand compatible Flash (IR) lamps for Calmat/MHM

We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement lamps for many Calmat/MHM flash dryers.  The most common style is an ultra-fast starting medium wave quartz halogen lamp, with a distinctive "spiral" filament, compared to standard short wave or medium wave lamps.

There are two common end fittings for these lamps:  rectangluar ceramic blocks with wire leads (SK15 base) or R7S which are spring-loaded into the machine, with a pin fitting into the recessed tip at the end of the lamp.  Most lamps are 230 volts.  Call or email for pricing and availability.

We supply Caprock brand compatible lamps for these common part numbers:
HTL1500 • HTL-1500 • HTL2000 • HTL-2000 • HTL2001 • HTL-2001 • HTL2002 • HTL-2002 • HTL2004 • HTL-2004 • R1500-18.5 • R2000

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